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17th-Aug-2009 01:32 pm - move
so.. me and meg moved into our own place.
we love it..
still trying to lose weight but its hard...
kevin is doing great.
allie keeps on ditching me but whats new...
um. kevin helped me move in.
skool starts soon...
im exticted.....
yea i think thats it for now!!
23rd-Jul-2009 07:56 pm - grrrr
hey. so me and meg have been fighting ALOT. but i still llove her///
kevin and me r geting along ok....
allie was being a rude bitch the other day//
work is ok..
im trying to lose weight...


20th-Jul-2009 07:58 pm - a little better....
i worked 3-7.
I talked to kev.
that was nice,
I wanna hang with him i think...
Mike and meg and me r going to the beach on wedsay.
Allie never picked me up the other day...
I feel better then i did the day,,,
Saposed to work 2m... but i dont think im going to.
i dont feel good :/
i Just want everythin to be ok with me and meg...
I want it also to be ok with kev..but im scared,,,......

wanting for you.....
17th-Jul-2009 10:55 pm - so I dont kno anymore.
Lets start with today.
allie ditched me.
mike ditched me but im over it \.
then i went swiming in allies pool.
i tryed to be friends with kevin again. \
but it hurt.\\
he has no clue how much.
i think im just better not havening friends.
Kevin thinks he can control me but thats not cool.
im trying to do a new thing and change for people but i need to make myself happy before i can make anyone else happy......

looking for a certin blog...
30th-Jun-2009 01:27 pm - sooooooooo like yea i guess lol

in this pic is me and my best friend of all time!!! i love you man. we have been though soooooooooo much that idk. we'ev been friends since the 2nd grade.
29th-Jun-2009 02:47 pm - heyyyyyyyy
hey everyone im back on lj. well my life has been crazy. i got megan the best girl in my life and kevin and mike ahhhhhh lol. Idk i just kinda wanna just hang out with my best friend but hes always busy with everone else. i kno what ur thinking dont get mad. im not i just miss him u kno. it feels like he just dosent wanna hang nomore. but its w.e ill get over it. on a other note im going camping with megan on july 6!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!!!! .
27th-May-2008 12:09 pm - OMG!!
i asked her out and she said yes im so happy with her , girls im not single any more sry lol
21st-May-2008 04:34 pm - i think im going to ask her....
so hey guys i was on the phone last nite for like 3 hours with megan and yet i dint ask her lol.but shes coming to my concert on thrusday so i am going to ask her then. i think this could really work if she is a lesbian. but the one thing is i dont wanna ruin anything with michelle but i cant wait forever. i dont wanna move on but i think im going to have to so that i can be happy i mean we r still going to be friends but its ok,
20th-May-2008 03:45 pm(no subject)
hey guys im in class again...i still havent asked that girl if shes a lesbain yet lol.so like i said last nite michelle is dont with me and i am done geting hurt so yea i am gonna try to move one but idk if she will let me pluss she likes this girl named mario anyway
19th-May-2008 08:18 pm - hey guys
so whats up.im siting in kevs car. so michelle is fighting with me its w.e bc she knos how i fell about her and its w.e grrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,
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