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29th-May-2012 01:00 am
I just got done watching a movie about a fat kid who loses weight while in high school. im not gonna lie. it really inspired me. With me i always say im going to do something and then not do it. I need to change this. losing weight for me is more then just that. its about finding my self. i have a life coach and i feel like im not even getting all i can out off her. i feel like im letting her down.  i don't wanna feel this way. an again i have no friends. all my friends are always busy or always on there phones when there with me. I mean im bad but other people are way worse. i just want a group of friends i can count on. i also want a work out buddy. everyone seems to say oh ill support u but not willing to actually do so. i mean i know people are busy and have life's but it would be nice just to be asked once and while. im sorry im rambling on. i know no one is going to read this anyway. its more for me anyway. i just need a place where i can put it all out there. so thanks. 
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